Getting started with the Shopify integration

See the below guide in order to connect your Shopify

Your brand profile must be completed, submitted and approved before accessing the Shopify integration, visit How do I set up my profile for guided instructions. 


Connecting your Shopify:

  • First, you'll need to connect your Shopify via the integrations set up page on the Integrations tab. Instructions can be found here and a troubleshooting guide can be found here.
  • After connecting, all of your Shopify products will be displayed in ‘Unimported’ on the Integrations tab. 

Importing products from Shopify to the dashboard:  

  • You may either import your Shopify products or link them. For linked products, the product price and inventory level changes are synced with Shopify and update on the Wolf & Badger Dashboard when they change in your Shopify store.
  • You may also choose whether to sync price or inventory level for your Shopify products. You also do not have to sync price or inventory, you may just wish to import the product details from Shopify. However this means price and stock changes on your Shopify store will not reflect in the Wolf & Badger Dashboard and vice versa.

Please note that if your product is stocked in store, the price is locked so won't update online/in store- please contact us and we will be able to update the price for you. 


  • Please note, If the currency that your Shopify operates in is not the currency you have signed up in (EURO, GBP, USD, AUD, CAD) please do not sync your prices. Please manually enter your prices in the currency you signed up to Wolf & Badger in.

Importing a product: 

  • When you import a product, Wolf & Badger downloads your product information (description, images, pricing, and variants) from Shopify and starts a new Wolf & Badger product based on this information. The product price and inventory level is copied from, and automatically updated from, Shopify. These imported products will now appear as 'imported' on the integration tab AND in the Draft and with ‘Missing Information' status in the new products tab. 

Linking a product:

  • When you link a product, you create a price and/or inventory level link between an existing Wolf & Badger product and a Shopify product.
  • You can choose which products you'd like to import to Wolf & Badger by clicking ‘import’ for these products on the integrations tab. Import the products you'd like by following these instructions. To link any Shopify products with any already existent Wolf & Badger products, please click on the carrot and choose the link button, as directed in these steps.

Colour & size variants:

'Completing' a product:

  • You'll need to complete the product in the Draft tab of the new products section by clicking 'Edit product' to fill out the additional details needed (this step functions exactly like a normal product upload). The reason for this is that we require more information for a product than Shopify does.

Saving & submitting a product:

  • Then, you'll save and submit your product like normal. Note that all normal product approval rules apply. See this article for more information. 

Shopify Stock Levels

  • If done correctly, you'll see on the stock levels tab that your Shopify-managed products are greyed out because the stock is managed via Shopify. For more information, please see this article.