My images/text are being rejected - I need more information

If your product updates are being rejected repeatedly and you are unsure why, check out this page for the top reasons why product updates are rejected by our team. If you are sure that your product update meets all of the standards below and on the original information sheet provided for you, please reach out to Wolf & Badger so we can provide you with a more specific reason as to why your products are being rejected.


The most common reason a product update is rejected is because the first photo in the photo lineup is not a product shot with a transparent or plain white background.

If there are any sort of models, mannequins or staging in the first photo of your photo lineup, then the product update will have to be rejected, as this is not an issue we can fix on our end.

Even if you take the photo with a white background, if the color is off or there are too many shadows, your product update might be rejected. The best thing to do in this case is to upload your photo to PhotoShop or another photo editing software and edit out the background entirely (Here is a link to a very easy-to-use software: 

Approved first photo: 

Full, front facing invisible mannequin image on a pure white background

Rejected first photo: 

Not on a white background, close up and doesn't show the full product- therefore not a suitable primary image.

Style Notes Section

Another common reason your product update might be rejected is because the style notes section was written in fragments instead of full sentence paragraph form.

There should not be any lists, bullet points or emojis included in the style notes section. Below are examples of a style notes section that would be approved and a style notes section that would be rejected. 

Approved: This flirty, flowy midi dress comes in a unique galaxy print on a black cotton, ethically sourced using scrap fabric. With a structured bodice, sweetheart neckline and a-line skirt, this dress creates a feminine shape while still maintaining comfort and ease of wear. Style this with some silver hoops, black kitten heels and your favorite bag for the easiest, go-to outfit in your closet. 

Rejected: This is a midi dress with a galaxy print on sustainably sourced black fabric. Structured bodice. Sweetheart neckline. A-line skirt. Comfortable. Model is wearing a size XS and is 5’5.

Wolf & Badger Guidelines

Your product update will also be rejected if you are advertising something that is against the Wolf & Badger guidelines (ethical concerns or made-to-order products/pre-order products).

Your product update will also be rejected if you are advertising something that is against the Wolf & Badger guidelines. This comes commonly in the following forms:

a. Products outside of Wolf & Badger ethical guidelines (i.e. products made with farmed fur or feathers, products made with exotic animal skins or animal products not made as by-products of the meat industry) 

b. If your product update advertises made-to-order products, pre-order products or products that will take longer than 48 hours to ship out to customers.

c. If your product description includes direct links to websites and social media platforms such as Instagram handles. 

Other things like not being able to ship to specific countries or not allowing for returns (other than face masks) will cause your product update to be rejected.

For more information on our guidelines, please see our CSR policy or refer to the shipping section of the help center for information on using our shipping labels that enable you to ship internationally for a low-fee.