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How do I add product color and sizes and link color variants together?

When uploading a product, you can choose a product color and add multiple different sizes. You can also link product color variants together.

Adding Colour 

One colour variant must be added when creating a new product. You can select the most appropriate colour for your product by simply clicking on the colour in the dropdown. However, multiple colours can be selected, by checking the colours in the same dropdown, if the product includes more than one primary colour. For example, if a dress is black and white, then you would select Black and White. 

By selecting multiple colours in dropdown, this is indicating that the product has more than one colour. Selecting more than one colour in the dropwdown does not create different colour variants. The colour selection is for one product. 

Please note, you can only select up to 3 colours in the dropdown for one product. If there are more than 3 primary colours, please select ‘multicoloured’ in the dropdown. 

The colour section is for website filtering purposes, rather than the actual specific shade of colour of your product. If relevant, you can change the colour name, within the Product Name field, to better indicate the precise product colour.

Adding Colour Options 

If the product comes in a different colour(s), another new product will need to be created with the relevant colour selected. You can do this easily by duplicating the product and changing the colour, product title and the colour name if needed. 

If you already have an existing product created with a different colour (that has been saved and submitted), you can link them by clicking on “+ LINK EXISTING COLOUR(S)", as described below. This will ensure the Product’s Colour Variant(s) show on the same product page on the website so customers can easily toggle between them. 

Linking Colour Variants

As described above, each colour option/variant of your product needs to be uploaded separately (please differentiate them by adding the colour name to the title), but you can choose to link them by clicking the “+ LINK EXISTING COLOUR(S)" button within the ‘Colour’ section of the form. Then select the product you'd like to link. You can repeat this process for any other colour variants/options you'd like to link together.

Adding Size Options

For every product, at least 1 variant must be added  - the product cannot be saved or submitted without adding at least 1 variant. For each variant option of your product, you will need to add a variant option under the ‘Size’ section of the form.

Please note, you must add a Primary Category before clicking the  + Variant CTA. If you have not added the Primary Category, an error message will appear.

To add a variant, select the “ + Variant” button within the ‘Size’ section of the form. A modal will then appear with the title ‘Edit Variant’.There is the option to add a Reference Code/SKU if necessary.

Please note: You cannot edit the Colour or the Price of each size variant. If you with to add another colour, please follow the steps above. 

Depending on the Primary category selected, the Variant Type  dropdown options will vary. Variant types presented in the dropdown when clicking ‘Variant Type’ will depend on the option you chose for the product Primary Category. Please select a Variant Type and then select the relevant size by clicking on the ‘Variant’ dropdown. Depending on the Variant Type  selected, the Variant  dropdown options will vary. Please repeat this process until you have added all the relevant size variants. 

Please note, the same size/variant category should be used for all variants.

If necessary, you can permanently delete product variants, both new & existing. This can be done by clicking on the ‘Bin’ icon next to the size variant. If you wish to remove a size variant from the site but do not wish to permanently delete it, there is the option to deselect the ‘Active’ variant checkbox. This will remove the variant from the site and it will not be available to purchase by customers.