Your Designer Dashboard - What's New and Coming Soon Webinar

In this webinar, our Product team take a closer look at your W&B Designer Dashboard - what’s new & coming soon!



This webinar covers the following: 

Designer Dashboard Rebuild 

Purpose (Skip to 3:45)

Dashboard rebuild overview (Skip to 5:15)

Dashboard feature roadmap (Skip to 8:50)

Our product approach (Skip to 11:04)

Giving feedback (Skip to 12:54)


New Sections Deep Dive

New products section (Skip to 13:43)

Improving your listings (Skip to 20:07)

New analytics section (Skip to 26:07)

New analytics demo (Skip to 28:30)


Will there be a woocommerce integration anytime soon?

An integration with Woocommerce isn’t something we’ll be implementing in the short term. However, this is something we will pursue in the future as we integrate with more and more 3rd parties.


Have all our current products been migrated to the new dashboard automatically? AND going forward we use the new one?

Yes, all products and their details have been migrated automatically to the new products section in the new dashboard. At the moment, you have access to both the old and the new Products section. However, we will be deprecating the old Products section in the coming months - you will be notified when this happens.


When I click Add Product, it takes me back to the old form.  Am I doing something wrong?

It’s likely that the new form has not been activated for you yet - don’t worry it will be soon! We are in the process of rolling out the new form to all Brands. At the moment, a few early users can access the new form, however all Brands will have access to this over the next month.


Can we also include a video of our product along with imagery?

We don’t currently allow videos to be uploaded and shown on the product pages on the customer site. However, this is something we will be exploring.


Wolf and Badger audience demographic other than gender and age.

As part of future Analytics optimisations, we will be including more insights about the Wolf & Badger customer demographic and their behaviours and trends.


How do I interpret the new analytics?

How to access and use the new Products section on the dashboard

How can I improve my conversion rate?

Where can I provide feedback or suggestions?

How do I add User Generated Content?

How do I send marketing & PR assets to Wolf & Badger?