Where can I get ghost images or campaign imagery done?

Wolf & Badger requires brands to have at least one ghost shot for each product and strongly encourages brands to have lifestyle or campaign shots so that prospective customers can see the products on someone, in a home, etc.

In addition, we ask that you send lifestyle and campaign imagery to our marketing team so that we can feature your products.

Though you're welcome to have these images done at any studio of you're choosing, we do recommend the following if you do not have these images yet, or if your brands is planning your next shoot. 

1. StyleExpo Photography

If you are based in North America, we work with and recommend StyleExpo Photograph for fast turn-around product and campaign imagery. 

2. Little Red Panda 

In the UK, we have an agreement with Little Red Panda in London. Please reach out to Sarah Bridgman (Production Director) production@littleredpanda.co.uk. 

3. Fiverr/Upwork

For brands whose imagery *almost* meets our ghost image standards, we suggest browsing Fiverr, Upwork, Canva or another freelance platform for designers that can adjust images to ensure that they have the plain white/transparent background that we need as well as the right image sizing. This can be helpful if your images are close to meeting the criteria, but perhaps lack the correct background color or are the wrong image size. 

4. Background Removal Tools

To obtain product shots with fully transparent backgrounds, you can use a tool like Photoshop (if you are an experienced designer). In addition, other tools such as Remove.bg allow you to remove a background without any design experience. Do be mindful that, depending on your image, this tool may not work.