What are product image requirements for accessories & jewellery?

A breakdown of accessories and jewellery product image requirements for brands, including do's and don'ts

Product images must be professional quality photographs. The more visual information available to the customer, the more likely a purchase will be made and returns avoided. Having more photos of products will improve conversion rates. 

Requirements For Product Listings

  • Compulsory: At least one cut out/pack shot front-facing on a completely white background (this should be the first image)
  • Highly recommended: Alternative angles, model shots, lifestyle photos


Please note: If no lifestyle shot is provided then we may no longer be able to include the product on certain sections of the site or on emails to customers.

Image guidelines

  • Format: JPEG
  • File Size: less than 1 MB
  • Resolution: 72 dpi
  • Image Size: 1500px x 1500px
  • The image must be centred, square and all pack-shots must be on a pure white background. To help, an image cropping tool is provided when uploading.
  • Images must not have any logos or text.

Primary Product Image Example

This is the first image the customer will see of your product. This should be a clear, front-facing flat shot on a white background.

Screenshot 2020-08-05 at 11.57.21

*100% image coverage permitted for flat lay of scarves

Product Shots - The Don'ts

Below are some common examples of what not to do on your brand product shots.

Screenshot 2020-08-05 at 11.58.30

Secondary & Subsequent Product Images Examples

This is the second image that the customer will see of your product. This should differ to the first image and offer more angles, details, close-ups, and lifestyle shots.

  • The image must differ from the first image.
  • Include details, different angles and close-ups
  • Don't include logos, awards, or reasons to buy. 

Screenshot 2020-08-05 at 11.59.28