How can I be more successful on Wolf & Badger?

Tips and tricks to increase your sales on our website


To start, make sure your profile and products successfully represent your brand. Taking the time to write detailed style descriptions and uploading inspiring lifestyle imagery is very important.

Upload your product to Wolf & Badger with the care you give to your own website. Provide concise, original product descriptions that highlight the design, fill out the Care & Info section with material content, care instructions, and sustainability guarantees you can provide.

We strongly recommend for all brands to provide lifestyle images and for fashion brands to provide model size information in the sizing section.


Using the brand description space to write a compelling brand story and uploading great visuals are very important. 

We highly recommend utilising all of the tools that we provide such as uploading user generated content- this can help boost product views.

Marketing Opportunities + Imagery

Our marketing team automatically enrolls your brand in a paid advertising strategy, but we offer many other marketing and exposure opportunities via our social media, emails, on-site, PR, etc.

Please make sure to provide your assets as soon as possible. Please ensure this imagery is in line with our Marketing Guidelines.

Host an Event

We encourage all brands to host an event through Wolf & Badger. Wolf & Badger has three beautiful luxury retail locations and, as a member, you’re welcome to host an event at any one of them at no additional cost. You can also host an online event on our Instagram.

Whether virtual or in person, events are a great way to tell your brand story and gain exposure. You can submit an event idea here.

Improve your Conversion Rate

We recommend you refer to this article for key tips and information on how to improve your conversion rate on Wolf & Badger.