Our Marketing Guidelines

To boost your chances of an organic email feature, see our tips below.


In your product listings, you should have:
  • More than 3 items in stock in each size available
  • No gaps in sizing (e.g. S, M, L available, not S, L)
  • No sizes out of stock
  • An e-commerce image as the first image in your listing
Your e-commerce imagery should:
  • Have the product centred, and the product shouldn’t appear too small
  • Have no lines, product not cut off

Nice to have:

To boost your chances even further:

  • Upload strong, high resolution lifestyle imagery to Dropbox + to your product listings
    • Email images are 1500x1500px. 
  • Tip: We love imagery that shows models in natural poses, and not in studio settings.

Please note that we are unable to feature products under £30 in our email newsletters. We also need to make sure that the products we feature are in-season