My stock levels are managed via Shopify, but they are not listed correctly on Wolf & Badger

If you see a message that your stock levels are managed via an external integration on the stock levels page, your stock levels are managed via Shopify/pulled from Shopify.

Step 1: Update the Shopify x W&B Integration

  • As a first step, we recommend going to the set-up page, ensuring all values are correct, and then clicking update. Alternatively, if just one or two products have the wrong stock levels, you can refresh individual products by checking the box next to the product and choosing the "refresh from Shopify" option in the dropdown on the imported section on the integrations tab. Then click submit.
  • When doing so, please ensure that you've given Shopify permission to allow merchant approval for read_products scope and read and write on the inventory scope to set up. Ensure that you have allowed our private app the ability to access your storefront data.To check if this is on, go to Apps from your Shopify admin. Click Manage private apps. Click the name of the app whose permissions you want to change. In the Storefront API section, under Storefront API permissions, select which store data you want the app to access. Please see this article for more details.
    After you've done these steps, see if the stock levels are now correct via the stock levels page. If not, please go onto step two. 

    Step 2: Refresh the Stock Connection For Individual Products
  • Please go to the imported tab of the Shopify integration and click 'unimport' for any products that have the incorrect stock levels (this will not delete your products, but will temporarily disable the stock connection between Shopify/W&B).
  • The product will now be in your unimported tab. Please click the dropdown next to the 'import' and re-match the product/product sizes to the corresponding product. You can follow these steps. Click import and the stock levels should now be reconfigured.
  • After you've done these steps, see if the stock levels are now correct via the stock levels page. If not, please go onto step three. 

Step 3: Manage Stock Levels Manually

  • If the stock levels are still not correct after trying the above steps and you're receiving orders for stock that you do not have, we suggest reverting to managing stock levels manually.
  • To do so for individual products, visit the “Imported” tab on your Shopify integration page, find the product, and click “Unlink”. Note that this will also remove price synchronisation for this product if you’re setting it up. You will now be able to edit the inventory count for this product on the stock levels tab.
  • If you would no longer like Shopify to manage your stock levels for all products, you can delete the integration (this will not delete the products, but will delete the connection between Shopify/W&B) and this will allow you to edit your stock levels manually via the stock levels tab. You can delete the integration here.