2. Shipping & Returns

Monitoring Order Cancellation Rates

Customer experience is paramount for both our businesses, which is why our teams monitor Declined Order Rates and the reasons you have provided vigilantly. Declines should ideally be nil and must not exceed 1% at any given time. 

For any products that are “Out of Stock” you must let us know in the notes why the stock levels were not accurate. Depending on the reason and the note you have left on the Decline Order Item pop-up, our team can assess if a non-fulfillment fee can be negated.

Some ways you can reduce your cancellations are by:

  • Allocating separate inventory for W&B if you have chosen to go with manual management of your stock
  • If you have a Shopify store then linking it with the W&B dashboard to sync inventory and monitor that the stock sync is working properly. If you see any issues with the stock sync then you can follow these steps or get in touch with our team through the contact form
  • Doing regular Stock take. If you are unsure of the stock levels for most of your products, put your account on Holiday Mode immediately
  • Deactivating products immediately that you don’t have stock for or are awaiting inventory
  • Regular quality checks prior to adding stock to the W&B website to avoid cancellations driven by quality issues

You are required to fulfil all order and returns 

It is important to constantly monitor your Declined Order rates in the Analytics section of your dashboard. High Declined Order rates can lead to your account being put on Holiday Mode and can be suspended in severe cases.