How, when & where do I get paid for sales?

Payment for all online and store sales will be through a PayPal transfer

How will I be paid?

Payment for all sales will be through PayPal into the account associated with the email entered in your dashboard- accounts section shown below.

In the event that you are based in a country that PayPal doesn't operate in (e.g. Turkey) or you do not have a company PayPal, we can pay via bank transfer. However, please note that bank transfers can take longer since manual checks need to be undertaken by the finance team before releasing the payments. We advise all our brands to choose the PayPal route where possible however should you need to arrange a bank transfer please contact our community team.

When will I be paid?

Wolf & Badger pays brands for the previous month's sales on or around the 21st of each month with collated payment reports for all brands online and store sales being published on or around the 18th of each month. These are findable under the 'Reports' section of the dashboard.

We pay a month later so that any returns that have been made can be reconciled against your payment.

For example, around the 18th of October, your September sales report is generated. And around the 21st of October, September sales are paid to your account. If the 21st happens to fall on a weekend, you should be paid out the following Monday.

Kindly note you will only receive payments for orders which have been marked as 'shipped' in the dashboard.

Where can I find my online and store sales?

All your sales, whether they are online or in one of the Wolf & Badger stores, will appear on your dashboard in real-time so you can track your sales throughout the month.


Online sales

You will find a record of all online sales:

In the 'orders' section of your dashboard as seen below.

Screenshot 2021-11-17 at 08.59.03

Online and Wolf & Badger store sales

You can also find a record of online sales alongside any store sales in the 'Reports' - 'Items sold' section on your dashboard. You can see whether it was an online or store order by looking at the 'Sold By' column.