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How do I attain the Happy Worker guarantee? 

Definition: Workers are paid at least the national minimum wage and the brand is transparent in disclosing all their direct suppliers.
The worker's labour rights are respected; no child labour or human trafficking is involved in the production of the collection; the manufacturer is compliant with all local health and safety regulations.

What evidence is required for Happy Worker?
You will be asked to provide information to ensure that a satisfactory level of due diligence has been conducted to ensure workers rights are protected in your supply chain. The evidence required will differ dependent on the manufacturers you use.


The form is split into three sections:

  1. Brand Details
  2. Manufacturing Details
    - Supplying information for your in-House or outsourced manufacturers
    - Outsourced manufacturers will need to provide basic details on each of the facilities
  3. Outsourced production you will need to supply social responsibility certificates / audits OR complete our Due Diligence Questionnaire. 

The rest of the article will give you a step-by-step guide through each question and what is required.

Brand Details

When you open the form the first page of questions will look like the below.

      1. Brand Name
        Please ensure the brand name entered on the form is an exact match of the brand name on your W&B profile page so we can correctly identify and link the submission.
      2. Brand email
        Please provide an email of the most appropriate person we can contact about your submission, for example if we require extra information.
      3. Country(s) of manufacture
        Enter all the countries where your tier 1 manufacturers are based. Hold the ‘command’/’ctrl’ key if you need to select multiple countries.
      4. High Risk Country
        If the country you manufacture in has been flagged as high risk then this will be shown automatically on the form.
      5. How are your products made?
            This question allows us to send you to the correct Happy Worker evidence submission questions, tailored to your brand size and scale, based on the options below: 
        Screenshot 2024-03-12 at 18.18.27

Example of the form: 

In-House Production

If you own your production facility then you need to provide us with the following information:

  1. The number of workers in your facility
  2. A description of your manufacturing process and a brief overview of where you source your materials from.
What information are we looking for:
    1. An overview of your supply chain to ensure all tier 1 suppliers are collected including, for example, if your products are part-manufactured in another facility before coming to your studio.
    2. What are the roles of the people making your products
    3. Where you source your materials from so we can cross-check this against any material certificates sent in the form.

    3. Code of conduct/ modern slavery statement/ signed declaration

If your business has their own code of conduct or modern slavery statement then please upload this to the form. If you do not then you can sign a copy of the declaration form, which you can download here. 
We ask for this to ensure you are aware of the ETI base code. Include both the name and address of your manufacturing facility so that we can ensure all your products have the correct country of origin labelled and we can cross-check against any other certificates you send in your evidence submission.

In-house Production page:  


Outsourced Production

If your production is outsourced you will need to provide information about who your manufactures are and what due diligence you have conducted to ensure that the workers in the facility are treated fairly and in line with the ETI base code

Manufacturer Details

Please prepare the following details for all facilities: 

  • Manufacturer name
  • Manufacturer website (if applicable)
  • Number of workers in the entire facility
  • What part of the product they make
  • Address
  • Certifications

Note: This information is not shared outside of our vetting team and is used only for vetting purposes, as per our seller terms. It remains strictly confidential and securely stored.

This data is used to verify the following: 

  1. To check any certificates you send are matched to the correct supplier. This is especially important if you have multiple manufacturers.
  2. To verify that all products are correctly labelled with the right country of origin on our website. 
  3. To check that all your products have Happy Worker evidence provided.
  4. To ensure you select the correct pathway for your evidence submission.
  5. It allows us to check the company if there is any evidence we are unsure of in your submission.

The certificates listed on the form are those with a social responsibility assessment. If your facility has a certificate for an audit with a social responsibility certificate which isn’t listed please contact the team and we can confirm if this is accepted.

Note: Alibaba audits, ISO19001, ISO45001 etc are NOT accepted as they do not assess social responsibility. Please select no on the form and complete the due diligence questionnaire.


Confirm certification selection:

Manufacturer details page: