2. Sustainability & Ethics
  3. Getting started with the 'Guarantees'

How do I submit supporting evidence for the guarantees?

You must send supporting evidence for the guarantees that you choose within one week of choosing your guarantees and completing your profile on your dashboard.

Please reach out to our community team if you have any questions relating to the guarantees.

Step 1: Read the ‘Guarantees Guides' to check the criteria and evidence required for each guarantee.

Please do this before completing the form to ensure you meet the qualifying criteria for your chosen guarantees and can provide all the necessary evidence required.


Step 2: Complete your 'Guarantees Evidence Form' and provide relevant evidence  

To access the 'Guarantees Evidence Form' go to your dashboard and select 'Edit Profile' -> 'Sustainability Guarantees' -> Scroll down below the selectable guarantees section where you will find the form. 

The form is tailored to your brand, requesting specific evidence depending on your brand size and where you manufacture. Please ensure you can provide your manufacturer location and the number of workers at the facility before starting the form.

You will be prompted to submit evidence for Happy Worker which is mandatory for all brands and after you will have the opportunity to select additional guarantees.

We ask for your product category to ensure you’re selecting guarantees applicable to your product category. If you do not see a guarantee on the list it means it does not apply to your product category. 

Please ensure you supply all the evidence requested otherwise we will be unable to award the guarantee.

Please note, if you are a sole trader, (e.g. it's just you making your products) select '15 or fewer' workers and specify in the 'describe your manufacture' box that you are a sole trader. You can select 'no' to the audit question and proceed to upload the 'Manufacturer Declaration Form' signed by yourself. It would beneficial to have your direct suppliers also sign the form if this is feasible.

Step 3: Receive your personalised feedback 

Once our team has reviewed your evidence you will receive personalised feedback through email informing you either:

  • Additional evidence is required / some of your guarantees have been denied 
  • All your guarantees have been approved and we require no further evidence.

What do I do if further evidence is required?

If we require additional evidence you’ll receive a copy of your original form with feedback at the top of the email.

 You will be instructed to EDIT your form and add the additional evidence to your first submission. 

Please ensure you edit your original form and not resubmit a new form to ensure all your evidence is collected in one submission.

Once you’ve finished editing your form hit submit to send it to the team to review. 

We’ll get back in contact to confirm your guarantees. We will remove / add your guarantees to your profile page as needed.


Step 4: Complete this process on an annual basis

We will request you resubmit evidence for your guarantees on an annual basis for two key reasons: 

  1. It gives you the opportunity to gain additional guarantees to showcase your sustainability credentials and progress.
  2. We need to ensure the sustainability claims presented on the W&B platform are still accurate and true.


Why do we ask for supporting evidence for the guarantees? 

Our vetting criteria was formulated with ESG experts and uses the Green Claims Code as our guiding framework. 

The evidence we ask brands to submit follows the structure of:

  • Written evidence to describe your practice where necessary
  • Third party certifications or documentation to certify and evidence the practice you described

We cannot accept written confirmation only for the guarantees as it does not sufficiently substantiate green claims.

The Competition & Markets Authority requires robust, credible and up-to-date evidence to verify green claims. If Wolf & Badger was challenged on any green claims made on our website, including our guarantees, we are obligated to provide credible third party documentation to evidence all claims made. 

We take any green claims made on our site very seriously and will get in contact with any brands making green claims to provide substantial evidence. You can find more information on this topic here

Where is my data stored? 

All sustainability data is processed through our form provider, Jotform, and is securely stored in our Sustainability Dropbox. All data is only accessible by the W&B Sustainability Team and will remain strictly confidential. No data will be shared and it will only ever be used purely for vetting circumstances.