A Guide to Peak Planning Webinar

In preparation for our biggest peak period yet, we've rounded up some top tips, key dates and best practices for your brand to succeed this holiday season in a webinar!


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Webinar Recording


This webinar covers the following: 

Intro & Agenda

Referral Scheme (Skip to 02:35)

Reminder of Peak Dates for 2023 (Skip to 03:04)

How to Add Products to a Sale (Skip to 07:13)

Holiday Period Best Practice (Skip to 09:15)

How to use Holiday Mode (Skip to 11:46)

More on the W&B Gift Shop (Skip to 12:47)

Round-up of Gifting Trends (Skip to 14:43)

Round-up of Decor Trends (Skip to 15:45)

Round-up of Womenswear/Menswear/Jewellery Insights (Skip to 19:00)

Questions (Skip to 20:38)

Please see our separate 2023 Holiday Guide here


I wasn’t planning on entering any sales, is that an issue? 

All of our sales are completely optional. The views and traffic across the site will dramatically increase during the sale period, which could have a huge benefit for your brand regardless of if you’ve entered products in the sale. 

My website doesn't accept returns during the holidays, do I have to accept returns through W&B? 

Yes. All products listed on W&B are subject to our returns policy, which you agree to in our terms when you join. If you have any specific questions about dates or eligibility, please reach out to our support team.

How do I know if an order is placed as a gift? 

On the left hand side of the screen on your dashboard in the order section, there is a little symbol of a present which indicates the customer left a gift note when placing the order, it also hides all prices on the packing slip. I’ll leave a link in the resource section which shows screenshots!

How do I enter products in the giftshop?

If you’d like to request any of your products are added to the gift shop, please use the ‘contact us’ button on your dashboard with the product name and category you’d like it to be flagged for. You can see the categories at the end of this slide deck below.

Is there an added commission/cost to enter a sale?

There is no added cost to enter the sale, and the commission remains the same as normal.

How does the click to ship time work if I receive an order on Friday night? 

Please do whatever you can to keep your C2S time as close to 48 as possible, so please ship first thing on Monday.

Are end of season sale items eligible for return?

Yes, they are eligible for the same return policy as full priced items.


View this webinar's slides here

Holiday Guide 2023


Best Practices to avoid disappointing customers and gift buyers: 

  • Keep a closer eye on inventory levels, especially when they're low (3 units or less), to avoid cancellations. You could consider manually setting your stock levels to 1 or 2 units fewer than you actually have as a buffer to avoid cancellation charges and disappointed customers.
  • Ship orders as soon as possible, ideally within 24 hours. 

    Our team keep a close eye on these metrics, in particular cancellation rate and click to ship. It really makes a difference if you abide by our required windows on shipping orders and keeping your cancellation rate to a minimum. Sticking to these guidelines may also increase the chances of you being featured in our marketing.

  • Ensure your declined order rate is below 1%. Remember that we do charge a non-fulfilment fee per order which is declined or cancelled.
  • Consider requesting daily DHL courier pick ups if you have high volumes of orders over a certain time period, we're happy to organise this for you.
  • Important to contact us if any delays are encountered & use holiday mode if you cannot fulfil orders.

Screenshot 2023-09-25 at 17.41.20-1

Christmas Shipping Cut Offs (subject to change):



Last Shipment Date


US orders by Friday 15th, everything else by Monday 18th


Ship by Monday 18th (last minute express routes eg UK & CA can be shipped up until Wed 20th)


Ship by Monday 18th (last minute express routes eg EU<>EU orders can be shipped up until Wed 20th)


All orders shipped by Monday 18th


Ship by Monday 18th (last minute express routes eg UK and US can be shipped up until Wed 20th)


Must must ship AU orders by Friday 15th UPS, everything else by Mon 18th (last minute express routes eg UK & CA can be shipped up until Wed 20th)


Extended Returns Period

We'll run our usual Extended Returns Period between 1st November and 20th of December, running until the 10th of January. 

The general rules for extended returns are: 

  • If they are within 14 days from delivery - the customer will get a refund as usual. The order will be marked as returned on the dashboard. 
  • If they are outside 14 days from delivery BUT within the extended window - the returns portal will say they can only return for a Store Credit for the WHOLE SITE. The order will be marked as returned on dashboard. When an order is placed with store credit, it will just come through as normal on your dashboard.

Gift Shop Trends and Guide

Gifting Trends


Practical Gifts

According to KMPG, nearly half (48%) of all consumers buying gifts in 2023 plan to buy more practical gifts to help the recipient – such as homeware, or clothing. Shoppers looking for value, think of everyday items with a special twist.

  • Key products: mugs, napkins, tea towels, winter accessories, cookware, basic tees, knitwear, socks, backpacks, technology accessories, notebooks, beauty products, umbrellas, aprons

  • Style notes: excellent quality, handmade details, sturdy materials, thoughtful, personalised touches (alphabet or zodiac details)


Entertaining Essentials

As the cost of going out to eat or drink rises, more people are turning to hosting at home. To make the occasion feel special shoppers are looking to gift (themselves and) others beautiful kitchen and serving items fit for a feast. 

  • Key products: cookware, glasses, kitchen linens, placemats, jugs

  • Style notes: coloured glass, handmade finishes, unique styles


Cosy Night In

The holiday season signals that it’s time to get cosy and enjoy life’s simple pleasures. Self care and hygge are perpetually popular and this year is no different. 

  • Key products: slippers, pyjamas, loungewear, hot water bottles, beauty products (bath, body & skincare), cashmere clothing & accessories

  • Style notes: minimalist aesthetics, luxe details, silky textures


2023 Round-Up of Decor Trends

Cosy Kitsch

Think cottagecore, charming chaotic and nostalgic details. Blending various styles to create a rustic homely feel. Eclectic table settings with a mix & match approach. Think of maximalism when styling products in lifestyle images.

  • Key products: table cloths, napkins, plates, bowls, ornaments, candles, runners, bedding, throws

  • Style notes: gingham patterns, natural woods, prairie aesthetics, toile prints, ruffles, homemade feel, mushrooms, snow cosy (rustic snowscapes, Scandi vibes), copper tones


Seasonal ‘Shelfies’

Going bold with limited space. The ‘Shelfie’ trend has continued to grow in popularity, a natural place to display small impactful collections. Consider selling coordinated sets of items.

  • Key products: vases, candles, art, trays, glassware, ornaments, plant pots, stockings

  • Style notes: small but impactful, colour coordinated picks, hanging details


Evergreen Christmas

More so than ever before, budget minded and environmentally conscious shoppers are shifting towards seasonless Christmas decor. Searching out products that are made to last and will be proudly displayed for generations to come. Highlight material compositions in listings.

  • Key products: reusable advent calendars, reusable wrapping paper, napkin holders, wooden or metal ornaments
  • Style notes: alternative minimalist decor, soothing natural palette, earthy tones, solid wood, metal, natural fabric


Vintage Charm

Taking inspiration from Christmas past, shoppers are looking to invoke a feeling of nostalgia with festive details from yesteryear. Conjure up emotionally evocative images with well constructed product descriptions.

  • Key products: ornaments, vases, platters, mugs, prints

  • Style notes: pastel tones over classic reds and greens, shimmer, sequins, iridescence, unique items, eclectic vintage designs


Featured Edits/ Categories for initial launch:

Holiday Decorations For A Festive Home

Advent Calendars

Gifts for Her

Gifts for Him

Gifts for Couples

Secret Santa

Gifts for Mom

Gifts for Dad

Gifts for New Mothers

Environmentally Conscious Gifts

Entertaining Essentials

Ornaments & Baubles

Coloured Glassware

Cosy Blankets

Stocking Fillers for Women

Stocking Fillers for Men

Fine Jewellery

Alphabet Jewellery

Men's Pendants

Gifts for Animal Lovers

Gifts for Foodies

Art & Prints

Handmade & Artisan Gifts

Gifts for the Interiors Obsessive

Little Luxuries

The Vegan Edit

Practical Gifts

Cosy Winter Dressing

Loungewear & Knits for Men

Holiday Party Outfits

Party Dressing For Men

Tasteful Tartan

Wonderful Winter Accessories

Fluffy Slippers