I want to add new products from Shopify on Wolf & Badger

Note that new Shopify products will not automatically import onto Wolf & Badger. Please follow these steps to import these products on W&B. 

  • Navigate to the Shopify section of the integrations tab and click on the Unimported tab
  • Click on the Refresh List button in the Unimported tab to refresh/update the Unimported products list.
  • When the Refresh List button is clicked, the Unimported list will update, if relevant, from your Shopify store.
  • You will no longer need update their whole integration in order to update your Unimported products list.
  • The new product(s) should now appear on the unimported page
  • Import the product.
    • When you import a product, Wolf & Badger downloads your product information (description, images, pricing, and variants) from Shopify and starts a new Wolf & Badger product based on this information. The product price and inventory level is copied from, and automatically updated from, Shopify. These imported products will now appear as 'imported' on the integration tab AND under â€˜incomplete' on the products tab.
  • You'll need to complete the product on the products tab by clicking 'complete' to fill out the additional details needed (this step functions exactly like a normal product upload). The reason for this is because we require more information for a product than Shopify does.
  • Then, you'll save and submit your product like normal. Note that all normal product approval rules apply. See this article for more information.