How do I upload a product?

How to list and sell your products on Wolf & Badger.


It should take about 2-3 minutes to upload a product. Note that you can add, edit, or remove products at any time. We encourage you to upload your products over time, as it helps optimize your profile and keep your brand's page fresh.


Product Name

The product name should be in capitalised case, for example "Emily Blue Tiered Dress." It must include what the product is, for example — "...Vase" , "...Candle" , "...Dress" , "...Blouse."
If the product is available in multiple colours, please add the relevant colour at the end of the name.
Please do not include numbers, symbols or product codes. Please do not write product name in all capitals.

Each product name should be unique. Products submitted with duplicate names cannot be approved. Please note, any items deleted from your dash will still exist in our system history. If a new product is submitted under the same name, it will not be successfully approved. Please amend the name of the new product to avoid this.

Style Notes (Product Description)

The style notes need to be in full sentence, paragraph format (no bullet points, dashes, or fragments). Please do not include personal pronouns (e.g. I, my, we, us). Describe the product details, like colour, shape, styling options, design details and materials, as well as the inspiration or sustainability details of the product. 


Example 1: Where to start with this leopard print cashmere cardigan of dreams... The Sahara Long Cardigan is knitted from high-quality, butter-soft cashmere. Its long length and side splits lend an effortlessly chic look to the simplest outfits.

The print is inspired by one of Hayley's 1950s leopard print coats, a timeless appeal lifted by the bright colour-pop fringed details on the sleeves and the fun star print belt. This trans-seasonal treasure is the final part of the jigsaw and a can't-live-without piece.

Example 2: A fragrance-free and natural body wash that is gentle enough for use on delicate baby skin, or the most sensitive adult skin.

Made from natural ingredients, including sunflower and coconut oil, it effectively cleanses without stripping the skin of its natural oils and is suitable for all skin types. Lack of essential oils means it is safe for everyone, from pregnant women to babies.

Example 3: Swap a classic office pencil skirt for a softly fluted midi version. It will go equally well with blazers, white shirts and sweaters in your existing closet. Made from smooth mid-weight wool, this high-rise piece is expertly cut to hug the hips and hits just below the knee.

Primary Category

Click on the drop down menu under Primary Category and select the best category for your product. Let us know if you'd like to add your products to more than one category, for example, if an item is unisex we can add it to both Men's and Women's categories. Please reach out to our community team if you are unable to find a suitable category for your product.

Your Reference Code

Use this box to write an addition reference code for your products, to be used internally — this code will not be displayed publicly, no customers will be able to see it.

Written Sizing Section

This is where you can go into detail about the sizes or dimensions of your product. Provide as much information as possible for the customer.

Model is 5’11” and wears a UK size 8
Length 109cm
Inner bangle size - 52x45mm
Slim fit, please size up for a looser fit

Care & Info

Please add any relevant care or washing instructions. For example "Machine wash at 30 degrees" , "Dry clean only" , "Use silver polish" , etc.
Please add a detailed breakdown of the materials, for example "90% organic cotton, 10% elastane", "Fine bone china."
Please add where the piece was made, for example "Made in Italy."


Select the most appropriate colour(s) — the colour section is simply the closest colour, for website filtering purposes, rather than the actual specific shade of colour of your product. If a style is available in other colours, please link the colour variants together by following these instructions

To avoid your products being excluded from paid marketing, please ensure you assign a colour to each product. Products without colours, or assigned 'neutral' (as it isn't an exact colour), will be excluded.


Please select the correct material(s). This will be based on the category you have selected. If you are unable to find the correct material, please contact us.


Please select the correct style. This will be based on the category you have selected. If you are unable to find the correct style, please contact us.


Pricing must be listed in the currency your account is set up in and must be in whole numbers (e.g. no pence/cents). You must also ensure your collection is always priced at the same level as any other stockists and on your own site.


Please add the relevant sizing for your product. Please make the sizes active.

Please note: If the product does not require a size, you should skip this tab. You cannot remove a size once added, and you cannot add a size once the product has been saved without a size.


Format: JPEG
File size: less than 1 MB
Resolution: 72 dpi
Image size: 1500 x 1500px

The first image must be centred, square, and shown on a pure white background. To help, an image cropping tool is provided when uploading. Images must not have any logos or text.
Following images should then be model/lifestyle images — the more, the better! Help the customer see your product at its best.
Please label the cutout product shot with 1, and then order the remaining images accordingly (2, 3, 4...).

How do I submit my product for approval?

Make sure you click 'Save & Preview' to look at how the product will show up on the website, then click 'Save & Submit'. This will ensure the product is properly submitted to our team for review.

Please allow up to 2 days for products to be approved. If you urgently need something approved, please contact us.