Can I ship Wolf & Badger orders using my own shipment labels?

In order for us to be able to ship all orders with the applicable duties, taxes and fees included to customers, we require all brands to use the shipping labels provided through your dashboard. Click here find out more about using the provided shipping labels. 

We are constantly working to improve both our customer and brand experience and have worked hard to refine our shipping service via DHL/UPS. To ensure our customers and brands experience a smooth shipping experience, all orders via Wolf & Badger will need to be shipped on the provided DHL/UPS labels. 

We provide shipping labels for each order including all customs paperwork for brands to use. Using labels provided by us ensures that customers will receive their orders quickly, regardless of where they are in the world and allows us to handle any delivery issues without having to contact brands. It also ensures that customers are not charged surprise duties and taxes at delivery, and reduces overall return rate. 

Not only does this process offer a better, quicker and more consistent experience for customers through Wolf & Badger; it also allows you to grow sales without the worry of high shipping costs and restrictions: any applicable customs paperwork will be automated, handled by us and ready for printing along with the labels. This now includes shipments between the UK and EU, post Brexit.