How do I add and link Shopify products to Wolf & Badger?

The Shopify integration will allow you to easily upload products from Shopify, link your Wolf & Badger products to your Shopify products, and manage inventory via Shopify.

Part I: Create a Private Shopify App

Wolf & Badger uses a private Shopify app to support its stock import functionality. To get started, you need to set this app up in your Shopify shop. To do this, follow the steps below.

Step 1. Log in to your Shopify shop and select “Apps”.

Step 2. Select “Manage private apps”

Step 3. Enable private app development

Private apps are normally disabled. If this is the case for your shop, select “Enable private app development.” If instead you see a page titled “Create private apps for your shop,” private apps are already enabled and you can go straight to Step 4.

Shopify will then present you with another page to confirm you understand that private apps can have full access to your shop. Check all three checkboxes, and select “Enable private app development” again.

Step 4. Create a new private app

Select “Create private app.”

In the App details section, enter:

Private app name: WBIntegration

Emergency developer email:

Step 5. Set permissions for the app

Check the permissions for your new app, next to “Admin API.”

You will need to provide your app with read access to Products and to Inventory.

To do this, select “Show inactive Admin API permissions.” This will drop down a large list of additional permissions. Scroll to Products and change the permission from “No access” to “Read & Write.”

You will need to do the same with the Inventory permission. Scroll to Inventory and change the permission from “No access” to “Read & Write.”

Step 6. Save your new app

Click “Save.”

Click “Create app” when asked to confirm.

Step 7. Record app details

Note down the API key, Password, and Shared Secret from your new app — you will need these to set up the Shopify integration on your Wolf & Badger dashboard.

Part II: Import, Edit, and Submit Shopify Products into the Wolf & Badger Dashboard

Import New Products (Products Not on Wolf & Badger)

1. Go to the integrations tab and choose import for the product you'd like to import. You can either import each product individually or you can choose to bulk import products. The videos below demonstrate each method. 

Individually Import

Bulk Import


2. Once the product is imported, go to the new products section and click the ‘Draft’ tab. Shopify products will have a Shopify symbol next to the Product in the table. Imported Shopify products which are incomplete and Missing information will have a ‘Missing Information’ status next to them in the table. You can also filter by ‘Missing Information’ to quickly navigate to imported and incomplete Shopify products. 


3. Fill out all of the information to complete the product by clicking the Product Name or by selecting the tick-box and then choosing the ‘Edit Product’ button. 


Save and submit the product. Successfully submitted products will be listed as "pending" until they are reviewed. Products are reviewed to ensure they meet our criteria, found in our style guide.
4. When complete, click the ‘Save and Submit’ button within the form. Successfully submitted products will be listed in the Draft tab with a "Pending Approval" status until they are reviewed. Products are reviewed to ensure they meet our criteria, found in our style guide. Once approved, products will move to the ‘Active’ tab and will be purchasable by customers on the website.  

For Existing Products (Products Already on Wolf & Badger)

 1. To link Shopify products that you have already listed on Wolf & Badger, click the drop down carrot next to the product on the integrations tab and choose "link stock levels." Your stock count on Wolf & Badger will now be pulled from Shopify. 
Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 4.29.59 PM
2. Use the dropdown menu to choose the product that you'd like to link. Choose submit. 
Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 5.28.29 PM
3. Should you need to unlink a product, you can do so on the integrations tab by checking the box and choosing unlink. 
Screen Shot 2021-02-10 at 5.30.52 PM