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How should my product descriptions be written?

A complete guide to writing your product updates


The title of your product should be descriptive, but not include unnecessary information. If you have multiple products with variations in size and colour, those should be indicated in the title. It is important for search optimization that product descriptors are added in the title.

For example, if you have a product with the name “Galaxy Moon,” it will make your product more searchable to add descriptor words like “Galaxy Moon Midi Dress - Black” (assuming that there are colour variations). 

Overly long titles can also make it difficult for customers to find your product, so refrain from using too many unnecessary descriptors (e.g. Galaxy Moon Silver & Gold Earrings With Pearls & Sustainably Sourced Materials). Because every product on the Wolf & Badger marketplace meets sustainability standards, you don’t need to include that in the title and can instead elaborate on your practices in the care & info or style notes section.

Symbols & Style

Every word in the title of your product should be capitalized. When using “and” in a title, always use the & symbol (e.g. Galaxy Moon Midi Dress - Black & Purple). No other symbols should be used in the title of your product, including periods, slashes, bars, plus signs, or colons. Please do not use all caps.

Color & Size Variations

To indicate colour variations, either add them at the beginning of the product description (e.g. Black Galaxy Moon Midi Dress) or at the end using either of these styles: “Galaxy Moon Midi Dress - Black” or “Galaxy Moon Midi Dress In Black.” If there are colour and size variations (e.g. small vs. large pieces of jewelry, not clothing), indicate the color with a “-” or “In” and indicate the size at the beginning of the title (e.g. Small Galaxy Moon Hoops - Silver, Large Galaxy Moon Hoops -  Gold). 

Style Notes

What to Include

The Style Notes section is where you can show some personality for your products and also elaborate on descriptions, sustainability practices and materials. Try to be as descriptive as possible and include your inspiration, where it was made, how it could be used or worn, and anything else that may help influence the customer. 


Please write in full-sentence paragraph form for the style details section. No fragments, dashes, or bullet points should be found in this section. 3-5 detailed sentences are recommended. This section cannot be over 800 words.

It is important when you write in the style notes section that you write in third person format and refrain from using words like “we, us, our, I.” This can cause confusion, as the product is on the Wolf & Badger website, but they are not Wolf & Badger products, they are yours and should be attributed as so.


Approved: This flirty, flowy midi dress comes in a unique galaxy print on black cotton, ethically sourced using scrap fabric. With a structured bodice, sweetheart neckline and a-line skirt, this dress creates a feminine shape while still maintaining comfort and ease of wear. Style this with some silver hoops, black kitten heels and your favorite bag for the easiest, go-to party outfit in your closet. 

Rejected: Midi dress with galaxy print. Sustainably sourced black fabric. Structured bodice. Sweetheart neckline. A-line skirt. Comfortable. Model is wearing a size XS and is 5’5. 

Care & Info

What to Include

The care & info section is where you can include things like how to care for your product, a detailed breakdown of materials and where your products and materials are sourced and manufactured. 


You can use fragments in the care and info section instead of full sentences, but there still should not be bullet points, dashes or other things that indicate a separated list (these don’t show up well when propagating onto the website). Try to refrain from writing things in all capitalized letters or writing in first person (we, us, our, I). 


What to Include

The sizing section is where you can indicate any specifications on the sizing of your product. If your product is something like a bag, jewelry or a homeware product, you can list the dimensions and relevant weight information here. If your product is clothing or shoes, you can put a breakdown of measurements for each size, correlating sizes in other countries' standard size charts or information on how the product fits.

For example, if your product runs big or small, is meant to be worn oversized, or is made with stretch material, you can indicate that in the sizing section. 


It is okay to use fragments or lists in this section, but again do not indicate these lists with any sort of bullet point or dash. If you are trying to create a sizing chart in this section, please refer to pictures below on how to appropriately format to ensure proper spacing on the website.


The first picture must be a be a centred, square product shot. All pack-shots must be on a pure white background. This background is most easily achieved using photoshop or another photo editing software (here is a link to a very easy one to remove the background of your photos, https://www.remove.bg/).

After this first photo, you are welcome to include lifestyle or styled shots of your product. We have found that brands that include these shots are more likely to get sales and less likely to get returns, as customers can see the product on a model or in a staged environment.

Approved first photo:

Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 11.31.35-1

Rejected first photo:

Screenshot 2023-01-12 at 11.36.11