A Guide to W&B Stores Webinar

This webinar covers each retail store location, customer profiles in store and which products perform best in each quarter

Please note that our London location moved from Coal Drop's Yard to Berwick Street, Soho on 1st February 2024. We will host an updated stores webinar in due course. Our LA and NY locations remain the same. 


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This webinar covers the following: 

Intro - 0:00 

Our retail store locations

New York Store - Skip to 2:06 

Los Angeles Store - Skip to 3:43 

London Store - Skip to 5:00

London Store Pop Up Space - Skip to 5:56

Top tips for hosting events in store - Skip to 6:47

The Wolf & Badger store customer profile - Skip to 9:17

Store Quarters and Merchandising - Skip to 11:00

 Store Benefits and Opportunities - Skip to 12:31

Store Content - Skip to 14:22

PR Opportunities - Skip to 14:42

W&B Online Edits - Skip to 15:06

How will my collection be displayed? - Skip to 15:24

Props and Merchandising - Skip to 16:54

Store Fees and Dates - Skip to 17:11

 FAQs - Skip to 17:45

Questions- Skip to 20:31




How are sales processed?

Sales are processed through our tills and we take our usual commission. You can view your sales on your dashboard under reports and items sold. As mentioned, we provide swing tags and price products for you.


Can I be stocked in more than one store?

Yes! Depending on availability, many of our brands are stocked in more than one store.


Can I host an event whilst stocked in store?

Absolutely, we encourage you to do this- it’s a great way to showcase your space and meet with customers. Each store is unique and our events team will advise on the most suitable store for the kind of event you’re thinking of. Events are usually booked in 6-8 weeks in advance so please get in touch asap if you’d like to get involved.


Is there a charge to host an event in store?

No, we don’t charge for brands to host events in our store. Any drinks provided would need to be covered by the brand, but we don’t charge for you to utilise the space. Your submission is of course subject to approval but we absolutely love hosting a range of events in our store locations on a weekly basis!


What kind of support can I expect from the store teams?

If you’re local, we encourage you to meet with the store team in person where possible, but we do ask that you book in advance to ensure that someone is available to help you. You’re also welcome to arrange a video call with the team if you’d like to do some training, as well as share any helpful resources such as brand info packs and unique selling points. You’ll also be able to contact the store team via email if you have questions. Feedback will also be shared every quarter.


How does the stock selection work? How much stock should I send?

The store team creates a proposed assortment of stock once you have signed your store contract. This is flexible and you’re welcome to make small adjustments if needed but they do take a close look at your best sellers online and also consider what our customers are looking for in store. The amount we display varies depending on the unit and we have more info on this in the KB. You then create a delivery note on the dashboard, listing the items you’re sending to the stores. This is approved once stock is received and on your dashboard you can easily view your stock levels in store.


How do I send stock to the stores?

It is the brands responsibility to ship stock to the stores and we have guidance available on the help centre. You’re welcome to send refreshes throughout your time in store too as your collections evolve.


How do I apply to stock in store?

We have an application link available on the help centre, where you can select the store and unit type and a dedicated team member will then be in touch to discuss availability and next steps. Please apply asap if you’re interested in the upcoming quarter as it tends to be our most popular!



Store Imagery - NY, LA, London

How much stock should I send? NY, LA, London

How do I apply to stock in store?

What props should I send for a jewellery unit?

What props should I send for an accessories unit?

London Pop Up Info Pack (1 month pop up)

Event submission form

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