Why are there two new entities on my reports page?


We are aware that as we have continued to grow and as global legislation for marketplaces has evolved, this has increased the complexity of your payment reports. Please be reassured that we are working on improving and simplifying these reports to ensure brands can fully interpret their sales payments with ease.

Wolf & Badger EU Ltd

Changes to EU VAT legislation for marketplaces, such as Wolf & Badger, have meant that we are obligated to collect and remit VAT for sales to customers in the EU. Handling VAT obligations in the EU meant establishing the Wolf & Badger EU Ltd entity. Further information here.

Wolf & Badger AU Pty Ltd

Legislation in Australia has not changed in such a way that would require us to create an entity in Australia, however, our increasing presence in Australia has meant that we are now of a sufficient scale for existing marketplace legislation to be applicable to Wolf & Badger. We now collect and remit Australian GST for sales to customers in Australia, with no impact on brands’ proceeds from sales.