My label didn't generate and is stuck in processing

Wolf & Badger provides shipping labels to all designers, which you can access on the dashboard after accepting an order. However, occasionally these labels may not automatically generate due to a variety of factors. Most commonly, labels may not auto-create if the customers' address is formatted incorrectly. 

Should a label be stuck in processing please reach out to our community team to request a label. Please provide the order number when you reach out.

You do not need make a label on your own with your own courier. In most situations, we will be able to create the label for you and you will still be able to access our low-cost labels. You can download the packing slip as normal on the dashboard. 

Marking an Item as Shipped

To move the item to the shipped column, click into the order number and scroll down to the tracking section to fill out the required details. 

Screen Shot 2021-03-29 at 10.23.14 AM

  • For shipping provider, please list DHL or UPS, depending on the type of label you were provided.
  • For shipping tracking number, please list the tracking number you were provided. This is also listed on the bottom of your shipping label. 
  • For tracking url, please use or and input your tracking number to generate your tracking label.

Please make sure that you mark items as shipped as they are dispatched to the courier. Delaying marking items as shipped could cause delays in payment for your orders.