What 'up-cycled' products can be sold on W&B?

Up-cycled refers to taking an existing garment or fabric and repurposing it to create a new good that is of equal or higher value and quality than the original piece.

Up-cycling can be achieved through a variety of techniques including: painting, sewing, appliqué, patch-working and refashioning.

What evidence do we require for up-cycled products?

  • To ensure the product meets our quality standards we need confirmation of the origin of the fabric / garment that has been up-cycled.
  • We accept: vintage garments/ fabrics (over 20 years old), charity shop items from premium brands, deadstock sourced from fabric mills / factory offcuts
  • We do not accept: charity shop garments from fast fashion brands unless there is clear, demonstrable evidence that the quality of the piece has been significantly improved through the up-cycling process.