What marketing services can I expect from Wolf & Badger?

The experienced, dedicated in-house Wolf & Badger Marketing team looks after your marketing budget contribution as efficiently and effectively as possible.

From discovery to inspiration, we run always-on awareness and conversion campaigns where people who are actively looking for products like yours (Google Search, Google Shopping, Bing), or seeking inspiration (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snap, Tiktok, TV & podcast) can discover your products.


Conversion campaigns — aka retargeting visitors on your brand/product pages - are always on for all brands.

Awareness campaigns contain an algorithmic selection of all brands and products, so we can feature all brands throughout the year. The better your product images, product description & pricing is, the more likely your product will get picked up. 



In addition, we also regularly promote your brand (as well as the overall Wolf & Badger mothership) across all our social media channels (posting daily. If your products live in stores, our team create organic content throughout the year including #StaffStyle

Please note that organic marketing is at the marketing team's discretion and is dependent on various factors such as the imagery we receive, content themes and seasonality.

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Facebook: > 470k followers 

Instagram: >700k followers

Twitter: > 30K followers

YouTube: >1k subscribers

LinkedIn: >18k followers 


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We also send curated newsletters to approx. 600K subscribers, from New Arrivals to Most Wanted, collaborator edits to seasonal edits, showcasing products and brand stories, plus additional events and promotional emails on other key dates, as well as reminders to users abandoning baskets/browsing the site. If your products are in stores, there are dedicated quarterly changeover emails featuring brands coming in.



You can find out edits under the 'Discover' tab on the homepage!


We are always testing new viable channels to fuel our collective growth as efficiently as possible, both online and offline, which could include TV advertising and out-of-home advertising.


We run a successful affiliate program via Rakuten working with hundreds of international publishers that help drive traffic to your products. Part of your marketing spend goes towards integration costs with publishers and social shopping sites and running additional monthly exposure packages on these sites to promote your brand on Wolf & Badger.