What documents do I need when shipping from Portugal?

Portugal has requirements for additional tax related documents when shipping overseas through Wolf & Badger

  1. Issue an invoice through your Portuguese Invoicing System and sign it and attach it to the order

  2. Send the signed invoice by email to DHL with the following:


    Estimados Senhores,

    Junto envio a fatura referente ao DHL number XXXXXXXXXX para o
    cliente XXXXXXXX vendida pela Wolf&Budger com o order number XXXXXX

How to issue the invoice

1. Invoice with the TOTAL value of the purchase/product (your dashboard price per product, and not the value that appears on the W&B order if this happens to be different)

2. If billing to UK - Billing to W&B
If you invoice for the Rest of the World - Invoice with “consumidor final”

3. Place the following text in the Invoice Notes field (if your product is not made in Portugal, enter the product of origin. This needs to match what you have entered into W&B):

Product Made in PORTUGAL 
Comercial invoice Wolf&Badger: #XXXXXX Net Weight: 0,XXkg
Incoterm: XXX

The exporter of the product covered by this document declares that accept where otherwise indicated these products are of EC preferential origin. EORI “Projeto Serra Lda” PT12345678

Ship To
Nome do cliente
Morada do cliente
(conforme Commercial Invoice da W&B)