What can the Shopify integration do/cannot do?

Read on to find out the benefits and limitations of our Shopify integration feature.

What does the Integration do?

  • Import Shopify products into W&B -
    • Allows you to bulk import or individually import products and the product information (description, images, pricing, and variants) from Shopify.
    • When imported W&B starts a new Wolf & Badger product based on this information.
    • The product price is copied from, and automatically updated from, Shopify. Please note that if your product is stocked in store, the price is locked so won't update online/in store- please contact us and we will be able to update the price for you.
    • Inventory level changes are copied from Shopify and updated when they change on Shopify.
    • You may also choose whether to sync price, inventory levels, or neither.
    • Wolf & Badger lets you import products with size and colour variants.
    • Different images can be assigned to different colour variants in the ‘Imagery’ section of the form there is an option to assign the relevant colour set.
  • Link existing W&B products to Shopify products -
    • Create a price and/or inventory level link between an existing Wolf & Badger product and a Shopify product.
    • Linked products will have their prices automatically updated on the W&B Brand Dashboard.
    • Linked products will have their stock levels automatically updated on the W&B Brand Dashboard.
    • Product price and inventory level changes are copied from Shopify and updated when they change on Shopify.
  • Sync stock -
    • For linked stock products, stock levels are updated on the Shopify store - Shopify will serve as the master stock. Wolf & Badger is notified whenever the stock level changes.
    • When you accept an order on the W&B Brand Dashboard, the Shopify inventory automatically decreases.
    • When you accept a return on the W&B Brand Dashboard, the Shopify inventory automatically increases.
    • To note, if the Brand's stock levels are managed via an external integration, meaning the stock levels are managed via Shopify/pulled from Shopify, you cannot edit these stock levels on theW&B Brand Dashboard.

What does the integration not do?

  1. Automatic product detail updates -
    1. When an update is made to a product in Shopify such as changing images, updating names or descriptions (excluding price or inventory level) these changes will not be reflected in the W&B Brand Dashboard.
    2. When importing or linking a product you will only be syncing price and stock levels.
    3. Pushing "refresh" will not make new product images show up on the W&B Brand Dashboard or customer site.
  2. Importing variants with different prices -
    1. W&B currently do not support per variant pricing. We only support Wolf & Badger importing size and colour variants of products.
    2. This means that you will need to create individual, separate products for products with variants that have different prices. E.g. We do not support importing a print with different prices for A2, A3, A3 sizes.
    3. Different prices can be inputted for different colours and sizes, however, when imported from Shopify they will appear as separate products.
  3. Pushing orders to Shopify orders -
    1. The W&B integration will not push W&B orders to the Shopify store orders; orders will still need to be fulfilled from the W&B Brand Dashboard.
  4. W&B requires additional product information -
    1. W&B has specific requirements for all Product fields and requires additional information to be added. All imported products will need additional information to be added before submission and appear on site, such as Care & Materials, Product Origin etc.
    2. Images - The integration pulls in photos from your Shopify, but you'll have the option to edit photos/add additional ones, as the requirement to have a ghost image as the first image applies to products imported from Shopify as well.
  5. Adding multi-pack products -
    1. Currently, W&B does not support multi-pack products.
    2. Shopify lets you have a product listed multiple times at different prices, so if you've got your boxer briefs in 10 sizes, you can list a 6-pack and a 10-pack. Then a customer can buy a 6-pack of a particular size. When we pull this across we get two products: boxer briefs 6 pack and boxer briefs 10 pack.