What do I do if I have shipping delays on orders?

What to do if you have a delay with shipping an order

We do understand that there can sometimes be unexpected stock issues or other reasons that an order will be delayed. In these instances it is absolutely vital that we are informed about this so we can let the customer know. 

If you have a delay in shipping your order, please accept the order on your dashboard and then reach out to our community team.

Please include the order number in the subject line and then detail the reason for the delay and estimated shipping date. Our team will contact the customer on your behalf and ask if they are happy to wait for the order. 

Do not use customer details to contact them directly, all communication should go through Wolf & Badger.

Repeated shipping delays may result in your account being suspended or cancelled. 

Avoid delays by enabling holiday mode while you are away and keeping your stock levels up to date.

Please also remember that we do not have made to order items on our site, and expect that all items listed are available for immediate dispatch.