What are my shipping & returns costs through Wolf & Badger?

Shipping labels are available via your dashboard. Where applicable, all customs and duties paperwork will be included for you. These flat-rates cover domestic and international destinations. 

Outbound & Return Shipments (effective 1st July 2023)

Screenshot 2023-05-31 at 14.32.17

* If the currency set on your dashboard differs from your fulfilment region then you will be charged a converted label fee based on your fulfilment location.

**Fees stated exclusive of VAT where applicable.

We offer free worldwide returns within 14 days for all customers. 


Note that you will be charged once the labels have been downloaded. You will not be charged more than once, even if you have re-printed the labels. If you have any trouble accessing the labels please reach out to our community team


Label and returns fees are reconciled against your monthly sales and a breakdown will appear on your monthly sales reports.