Package size and weight limits

Packages should be shipped as tightly and securely as possible, using the most suitable packaging option for your product (e.g. mailer bag for clothing, and a box for rigid homewares) not using a bigger box or extra materials than needed, and never exceeding the below maximum shipping box dimensions.

Maximum size and weight

Most packages shipped via Wolf & Badger are under 1.5 kg volumetric weight, but if your item requires a larger box/bag, please note that your package cannot be greater than 10 KG / 22lbs in volumetric weight. In addition, your parcel should not exceed 100 cm in any direction or weigh more than 10 KG / 22lbs:

  • Volumetric weight no greater than 10 KG (length x width x height in cm / 5000) 

    • e.g. 45 x 45 x 24cm = 9.7kg volumetric weight

    • e.g. 36 x 36 x 36cm = 9.3kg volumetric weight

    • e.g. 20 x 40 x 60cm = 9.6kg volumetric weight

  • Real (scale) weight no greater than 10 KG / 22lbs
  • Item dimension should not exceed 100cm / 39.37 inches in any direction



Note: The package size and weight limits are subject to change and we reserve the right to update them at any time.

Wolf & Badger has a right to deactivate any products that they do not find suitable for sale. No notice will be given for deactivation of products that are non-compliant with the aforementioned guidelines.