What is the minimum product pricing?

Choosing the right price for your product can be very challenging. These guidelines ensure that items sold are profitable for both parties.

Minimum designer product price*

Products can't be sold, at regular price or sale price, below the following minimum designer product prices:

  • 15 GBP

  • 20 USD (brands in the US)

  • 27 USD (brands across rest of the world)
  • 20 EUR
  • 30 CAD
  • 30 AUD

You can take one of the following actions to meet our minimum designer product price: 

1. Raise the price of the products on your own site as well as Wolf & Badger to make them compliant with our new minimum pricing requirement (note: our price match guarantee applies.)

2. Offer multi-packs or bundle items together to raise the minimum designer price of the affected item(s); or

3. Deactivate the product(s).  


Note: The listed minimum prices are subject to change and we reserve the right to update them at any time.

Wolf & Badger has a right to deactivate products if they fall under the minimum price requirement.