How do I write an effective brand description?

Your brand description will sit below your brand banner. Below are 3 good examples of a brand description.

In 50-150 words, please write a paragraph that includes the following information:
  • Where your brand is based
  • Your brand mission/focus
  • Your background as a designer
  • What makes your product unique

Example 1
"It’s not just a womenswear brand, it’s a way of life. Silvia Garcia Presas, founder and
creative director of the brand, graduated at the Royal College of Art (London) and started
THE AVANT in 2004. Since then, she has always expressed very unique values in her timeless
clothing. Tradition, culture, travels and dance are a never ending source of inspiration for
her collections."

Example 2
"Everything is designed and produced in Barcelona, from fine knitwear, to floral silk dresses,
hand embroidered pieces... all made in the highest quality fabrics. If you visit our flagship
store in Barcelona, you will also find a selection of artisanal and handcrafted homewear,
ceramics, textiles and more. Featuring an all women team, the brand calls out to all women
with free minds to come and be a part of THE AVANT and become a #theavantfemme."

Example 3 
"INGMARSON is a London based clothing brand focused on high quality key pieces for
men and women. Born in Sweden, Robert Ingemarsson has a clear ethical and sustainable
background and is passionate about using organic materials and local craftsmanship. Each
piece has been designed with Scandinavian aesthetics and quirky details."