How to ship successfully on Wolf & Badger

Wolf & Badger is committed to brand success and empowering the world's best independent brands to thrive. Below are a few tips straight from the W&B operations team on shipping successfully.

1. Accept Orders ASAP

Time is of the essence when it comes to shipping! Be sure to accept orders ASAP so the customer can receive confirmation that their shipment surely will be on their way soon.

If you need to decline an order, you can do so by following these steps. If you do accept an order, but then cannot fulfill it, it is absolutely vital that we are informed about this so we can let the customer know. It goes without saying that both of these scenarios should be extremely rare events. 


2. Organize and Prepare Shipping Paperwork

Wolf & Badger provides a shipping label, packing slip, and (if necessary) a customs invoice for all orders that is able to be downloaded right on the dashboard for a low, flat rate. To download these, click on the checkbox next to the order and then choose submit from the dropdown at the top of the orders page.

If you have any trouble with downloading labels, please be sure to get with us if you see a notice to use a manual label or if a label is stuck in processing


3. Packaging Should be a Natural Extension of Your Brand

Packaging is an extension of your brand and a core element of the customer experience. Do take care when packaging goods and ensure that your shipping materials protect your products from any natural elements or general movement in the transit process. It can be nice to package items in a way that emblematizes your brand or feels as a natural extension of your brand. Personal thank you notes or post-cards are fine to include, but please, no solicitation materials. 

Many more-sustainable alternatives to traditional packaging are available, and we highly encourage W&B brand to use these options whenever possible. 

4. Where to fix the labels? 

We will be provide you with 2 x waybills, one should be fixed to the exterior of the package and the other should be handed to the driver. If necessary we will also provide you with a commercial invoice, this should also be fixed to the exterior of the package. 

The W&B packing list and returns instructions should be included inside the package.

5. Use Our 'Book Pickup' Tool

Whether you are provided. a DHL or UPS label, you have the option of conveniently booking a pick-up right on the dashboard. Please follow these steps to do so. Alternatively, you can drop-off shipments at DHL or UPS service points. To find you nearest one, please follow the links in this article. 

Our FAQ article on DHL/UPS answers many questions on how to go about using the provided labels, but if you have any other questions or issues, our support team can assist.