How do I process returns?

What to do when a customer sends back your item


When a customer would like to return an item, we arrange for a courier to collect the item from the customer and deliver directly back to your address. You will receive a notification that the customer is returning the item, both by email and through your dashboard under the 'Returns' and ‘incoming’ tab. 

Return Received

You will then receive the returned product. Returns will automatically be marked as Received when delivered to you by the courier. If you receive a return that has not moved to ‘received’ you are able to do so by selecting ‘mark as received’. 

Accepting Return

Check that the item is in a re-sellable condition and if so, please mark the return as accepted or disputed within 48 hours. 🚨 If returns are not accepted or disputed, they will automatically be moved to 'complete' and your stock levels will subsequently be updated.

When you accept the return, the customer will be refunded. If you need to decline the return, please follow the instructions below.

Disputing Return

You may dispute a return if the item you've received back does not comply with our return policy. Once you've marked an item as disputed, please reach out to our community team to resolve the dispute, including pictures as needed. If you need to open a dispute, you need to do this within 48 hours of receiving the return.

Kindly note that if we receive no evidence within this timeframe, we will mark the item returned and refund the customer.

Inventory Adjustment

Your stock levels will be adjusted automatically, and the product will be available to sell again. This will be reflected on your dashboard.