How to Increase Your Brand Awareness Webinar

Watch this webinar to learn tips from our marketing team on how to optimize your listings to increase your conversion rate, and how to add User Generated Content.

This webinar covers the steps you can take to boost your chances of features across our email newsletters and paid ads.

It also highlights tips on further features in our organic marketing.

The third topic covered goes through a guide to increasing your conversion rate- taking a closer look at a product level.

Finally, we explain the importance of User Generated Content, what it is and how you can add it to your profile. 

This webinar covers the following: 

Intro - 0:00

New Referral Scheme - Skip to 2:00

How to boost your chances of features across our email newsletters + paid ads - Skip to 3:11

Tips to boost your chances of a feature through our organic channels - Skip to 5:39

Wolf & Badger Reach - Skip to 6:04

Top Tips on Imagery - Skip to 6:31

Imagery Specifications - Skip to 8:57

How to Submit Imagery - Skip to 9:27

Communicating your Brand Story - Skip to 10:13

Top Tips to Improve your Conversion Rate - Skip to 11:32

How to use our User Generated Content Feature - Skip to 17:20

Questions - Skip to 20:42

Access to webinar slides here!


Is it possible for products to sit in multiple categories online? 

Yes, this is possible. In fact this is the correct course of action for products that may be unisex, so added to the men’s and women’s section of whatever category it is. Also for products such as slips which you may want to be in dress and nightwear this is appropriate. Please use ‘contact us’ button to request which products you’d like to be included in which specific category, and someone will be in touch to help. 


Can we add videos to product listings

Unfortunately this feature is not currently available, you can only add still images to product listings. If you do have video content, you’re welcome to share this as a social takeover submission- with guidance on this available in our resources.


What if I only have product shots? Can I add more images once I have lifestyle shots?

Absolutely! It’s good practice to refresh the imagery you have for your products. You’re welcome to edit existing products and add more imagery as you go along. Feel free to flag via the contact us form when you’ve shared new imagery, as well as keeping your dropbox updated.


I have one style but many different prints. Is it better to put this under one product with many different variants?

Yes, it's always better to link product variants so that the learnings that we, Facebook and Google have of the product can be applied to each product variant. This will also assist our website in suggestion similar products, for example if one variant is out of stock.


When is a couture product usually is done 1-2 pieces due to the nature of my product. Any chance to be on the W&B newsletter?

Please feel free to reach out to us to flag couture pieces so that we can let the marketing team know and request a feature!


Of the 4-5 recommended shots, should only 1 be campaign/lifestyle and the rest product shots?

It depends on your lifestyle/campaign images. Multiple lifestyle shots showing the product at different angles is great, along with detailed product shots.