How do I enter products into a sale?

IMPORTANT NOTE - Shopify Brands


Products that have been discounted on your Shopify store should not be enrolled in W&B sales.

Discounted Shopify products, that are linked and have price sync enabled, will automatically appear as discounted in Sales pages on the W&B site. To avoid double discounting, do not enrol products in W&B sales that are already discounted on Shopify.


Discounted Shopify Products 

If your brand is…
  1. integrated with Shopify
  2. has enabled price sync for product(s)
  3. has a sale on brands Shopify store / discounted a product(s)
  4. wishes to enter a W&B sale
Current process:
  1. Discounted Shopify products appear on our site as follows:   Screenshot 2022-08-24 at 10.38.46
  2. Discounted Shopify products appear on W&B sales pages
Therefore, Brands who are discounting on Shopify should not enrol those products into W&B sales. This avoids Brands, who have a sale on their Shopify store AND are in the W&B sale, experiencing double discounts ie. reductions on their already reduced products.
To put your products on sale, simply go to Promotions on your dashboard, select 'edit' by the option that matches the discount you would like to offer and add the product/s you wish to include in the sale.


End of Season Sales

These sales typically run from the end of June for summer stock and end of December for winter stock. 

  • Please note, seasonal items cannot be marked down in the sale and then returned to their full price, so please don't include any items you intend to continue selling in the coming season.
  • Your products can only be on sale for one season and they will become inactive when the next Sale starts.
  • You cannot remove products from the sale once the sale has gone live.
  • All sales are totally optional and we do not discount any products on your behalf. We will always communicate that when we have a sale, you can choose whether to participate or not.

Flash Sales 

We also run temporary sales, the main one being Black Friday which runs over the course of a week. We also run some other temporary / flash sales through the year, which we invite brands to participate in.

  • Products in these sales will automatically go back up to full price after the sale has ended.
  • These are shorter term sales, typically ranging from 3 days to one week live.