How do I book a DHL collection?

A step by step of how to book a DHL collection for outstanding orders.

1. Visit the orders page on your dashboard.

2. Click BOOK A DHL COLLECTION in the top right corner.

This option will only be available if you have orders in the Ready To Ship tab.

3. Select a suitable date and time for the DHL collection.

Please give at least 2 hours for the slot.

Please note: The collection address is the fulfillment address you have saved in your account.

4. Click SCHEDULE PICKUP to confirm a booking has been made. Take a note of the DHL confirmation number displayed.

Once the orders have been collected please mark them as shipped. 

Please note: Do not mark the orders as shipped before they have been collected. You will not be able to re-book a collection for orders that have been marked as shipped. 

Question: I booked a collection but DHL haven’t turned up — what do I do?

Unfortunately DHL can only give an estimated collection window. If they do not turn up in that time, you will need to contact DHL directly to organise a new collection (UK brands- 0844 248 0844). If you are based outside of the UK, please call your local DHL number.

You can also drop off packages at a DHL service point. To find your nearest service point, please follow this link.