How many products should I upload to the platform?

Although there isn't an exact requirement on how many products you need to stock with W&B, 20-50+ products is a recommended bracket to adhere to. We have found that the more products that brands are able to sell on the W&B platform, the better they tend to perform overall.

Wolf & Badger site-wide data confirms this; in 2021, brands who had 30+ products on site, made up 97% of our top 100 brands selling on the platform. 

Offering more products also gives credibility to your brand as it creates a sense of security for the customer in which they see you have sizable inventory, while also having the potential to grow. Ultimately, the more products you put online with W&B will help increase your chances of satisfying more customers and meeting their needs.

We respect that each brand has their own niche, and grows at their own pace. Please sustainably produce a reasonable amount of products that appeal to different customers and interests. Do keep in mind that having an exorbitant amount of products that overflows numerous pages is unsustainable and we do not advocate for this.