How long do I have to process a return?

Returns will automatically be marked as Received when delivered to you by the courier. If you receive a return that has not moved to ‘received’ you are able to do so by selecting ‘mark as received’. 

Check that the item is in a re-sellable condition and if so, please mark the return as accepted or disputed within 48 hours. 🚨 If returns are not accepted or disputed, they will automatically be moved to 'complete' and your stock levels will subsequently be updated.

You may dispute a return if the item you've received back does not comply with our return policy. Once you've marked an item as disputed, please reach out to our community team to resolve the dispute, including pictures as needed. If you need to open a dispute, you need to do this within 48 hours of receiving the return.

Not processing a return within the above timeframe, or not formally disputing a return (if worn or damaged) will lead to the return being accepted on your behalf & the customer will receive their refund.

If the return is damaged, worn, or has not been received and we have received no reply to our emails regarding the return, you will not be able to claim for the loss of stock.