How do I optimise my product listing?

Follow our detailed guide below to achieve the best practice when listing your products. As much detail as possible is always recommended to lead to more product views and purchases.

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Style Notes

- Use full sentences
- Product information: Colour, shape, styling options,
design details and material
- Be descriptive: What is it? Benefits, unique qualities


- Bullet points
- Personal pronouns
- Reviews or material content
- Fully capitalised sentences 

A round neck cashmere blend reversible poncho. Plain knit one side with contrasting plain knit on the other, the reverse side has detailing of the reverse colour along the seam and around the secret armholes.

A flattering design that suits all, great for layering and creating an easy yet stylish look, a versatile item for your wardrobe that can take you from the gym to the school run and be dressed up for the evening.

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Care & Info

- Cleaning/ washing instructions 
- A detailed breakdown of materials
- Where it is manufactured
- Sustainability information
- Outline how to look after your product.

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- Always include accurate measurements (cm/inches)
- We also recommend uploading your own size guide when uploading the product