How do I use the 'complete the look' feature when uploading a product?

If a product has a matching item to complete a look, you can link it so that it appears on the product page on the website, e.g. a suit jacket that has matching trousers.

1. When uploading a product, scroll down to the Complete The Look section:


Select the product you'd like to match to your product. For example, a skirt to match a top. 

Only 1 matching item is allowed to be selected and the dropdown only allows 1 product to be selected.

3. Click 'Link Product'

4. Then please save and submit the product when you're ready to and the update will be live on the website. See example below:

When items are matched, it’s a one-way street. So, if you match item A with item B, it doesn’t automatically mean that item B is matched with item A on the website. For example, if you match item A with item B, item B will show on item A’s product page but item A will not show on item B’s product page