How do I attain the Vegan guarantee?

Definition: Alternative materials/ingredients have been used where an animal product would normally be used.

What qualifies for this guarantee?

  • Using vegan leather (Pinatex, Cactus leather, Cork leather, Mushroom leather, PU, or PVC but avoid where possible)
  • Soy wax
  • Faux fur
  • Beauty products free of animal ingredients (e.g. beeswax)

PLEASE NOTE: If your product would not normally contain an animal product (e.g. a cotton dress) then the vegan icon should not be ticked, it is for non-animal alternatives only.

What supporting evidence do I need?

  • PETA / Vegan Society / other relevant certification
  • Full ingredient/material breakdown is provided on all products pages (demonstrating no animal products are used)
  • ONLY If you are a small brand (15 workers or under in the studio that makes your collection) then you are able to submit written confirmation of vegan status to attain the guarantee without the need for certification. 

Why is this important? 

Developing and using vegan alternatives to products that are traditionally animal-derived or tested on animals is essential to prevent animal suffering whilst also supporting environmentalism by discouraging industrial livestock production, chemical tanning, and animal testing.