How do I attain the Skilled Artisan guarantee?

Description: This collection is entirely made in the designer’s studio and/or by an artisan collective, and/or seeks to preserve traditional handicraft techniques.

What qualifies for this guarantee? 

  • Traditional handicraft skills have been incorporated into at least 30% of the collection.
  • Small scale handmaking skills have been used which cannot be automated or scaled to mass-production
  • Skills on the list below will be approved:
    • Hand painting/ drawing
    • Weaving
    • Hand knitting / crochet / embroidery
    • Hand spun pottery & ceramics
    • Carving/ engraving / sculpture
    • Beading
    • Felting
    • Filigree jewellery
    • Handmade lace
    • Indigenous craft practices
    • Hand-crafted silversmithing and goldsmithing
    • Hand-cast jewellery
    • Skilled leather workers

What supporting evidence do I need?

  • Selection of which of the above skills are used in your collection
  • Written evidence describing how the skills identified above are used in the collection, confirmation of whom the artisan partners are, how many work on the collection and outline their specific skill-set.
  • Photo evidence of the artisans at work and/or step-by-step report of how the products are made

Why is this important?

Fast fashion practices have put many traditional crafts and techniques at risk as retailers seek to streamline their processes and costs. This guarantee highlights how brands can partner with communities and skilled workers, to preserve traditional craftsmanship and keep these skills alive which is not often embraced or considered by high-street retailers.