How do I attain the Cruelty Free guarantee?

Definition: The products and constituent ingredients in this collection are not tested on animals.

What qualifies for this guarantee?

This guarantee is awarded to beauty brands who can provide third-party verification that demonstrates that neither they nor their ingredient suppliers conduct, commission, or pay for any tests on animals for their ingredients, formulations, or finished products anywhere in the world and won’t do so in the future.

Please note this guarantee is only awarded to our BEAUTY and CANDLE brands

What supporting evidence do I need?

  • A third-party certification: Leaping Bunny or COSMOS, but we will consider alternative certifications, particularly for non-UK companies. 
  • ONLY If you are a small brand (15 workers or under in the studio that makes your collection) you are able to submit written confirmation of cruelty free status to attain the guarantee without the need for certification.

What does not qualify for this guarantee?

  • Any product tested on animals (both pre and post-market)
  • Any product containing animal ingredients
  • Any product which is sold in mainland China

Why is this important?

With significant developments in cosmetic testing and the development of testing procedures that do not require the use of animals, there really is no need to continue testing on animals and we’re passionate about moving the industry in this direction.