How can I reduce returns on Wolf & Badger?

Wolf & Badger is committed to brand success and empowering the world’s best independent brands to thrive. Here are a few tips on reducing returns

Analyse Reasons for Returns 

You can view all of your returns and see a customer-provided reason for the return on the returns section of the dashboard. If you consistently see a recurring reason for return, consider updating your profile or products to better provide this information outright or more directly. If doesn't fit is your most popular reason, consider adding a size chart or additional sizing details. If not as shown in photo is your most common reason, consider adding additional or more accurate photos. 


Upload a Size Chart 

As one would expect, most returns occur because the item doesn't fit the customer or it's not the size that they expected. Though customers may return jewelry pieces or homeware if the size isn't what the expected, sizing issues most commonly affect our apparel and fashion brands. We strongly suggest that brands upload a size chart, as sizing can differ drastically between two brands. You'll see the option to upload a sizing image on the dashboard. Ideally, this is a sizing chart that breaks down the measurements for your sizes. 


Provide Measurements and Fit Details 

When uploading a product, we encourage you to use the sizing box to describe the fit, measurements, and sizing of a garment. We recommend including actual measurements or amount of the item, information as to if the item may run small/fit snug/run large/etc., and, if applicable, what size the model is wearing as well as the model’s measurements.


List the Product’s Material or Ingredient Composition 

It's very important to provide detailed information about the composition of the product. We encourage brands to use the care & info section to list a detailed breakdown of materials or ingredients (including the percentages). This information helps customers know how the material will feel or lay or provides information on how the ingredients will interact with their hair, skin type, etc. prior to purchasing. 


Include Images that Clearly Depict the Product 

Images are worth a thousand words! Be sure to upload images that clearly depict an item's color or pattern. In addition, it's extremely helpful to include photos showcasing how a product looks on a model or styled.