Hosting an event - what information do I need for my Eventbrite page?

This guide will help you provide quality content for Wolf & Badger's Eventbrite page to promote your in-store event.

At Wolf & Badger, we want to give brands the opportunity to personally showcase and sell their collections at a store of their choice.  

When brands take the opportunity to host an in-store event with us, we will create an eventbrite page so that we can share the event with our community to drive rsvp’s.

This guide will help you provide quality content for Wolf & Badger to utilise and help your event reach the right audiences. 

Interested in hosting a store event and want to share your ideas? Make sure to read through the FAQ's below, and then fill out this quick store event submission form and review our store event info pack!

What are the essentials?

Date, Time and Store Location

Once you submit your event proposal, the events team will be in touch with you to find a date and time that works best for both parties. Please note, the date you include in your proposal might not be available, but the team will work hard to ensure we find a slot!

You can choose a slot:

11am to 2pm

2pm to 5pm

3pm to 6pm


Event title 

This should be a short title of your event, including your brand name, store location and if there is a theme to your event. This has a maximum of 75 characters, so we recommend keeping it short and sweet. 

Example: Band Name: New Collection Launch - NYC


Event summary 

This is a short 140 character summary of your event. It’s a great idea to give customers a snapshot of your event to draw them in to what your event will entail and what your brand offers in terms of style and category. 

Example: Join us for sparkles and bubbles as you sip and shop our new collection 'The Ethereal Experience' created with lab grown diamonds. 


Event description and brand bio

We recommend 1-2 short paragraphs for this section, in which you describe your event, and give an overview of your brand, not only to share with your own network of loyal followers, but also draw in new customers who may not be aware of your brand already.


"Join us for eto's exclusive Wine Cocktail Event for the London Design Festival at Wolf & Badger that combines the best of two worlds: the art of mixology and innovative design. A blend of flavours, eto will feature three handcrafted cocktails curated by our mixologist, Kyra Elton.

Come and discover how eto's design philosophy intersects with mixology as

we showcase our innovative wine preservation system and lear how our design

can enhance your wine experience.

About eto

The eto story began in 2012 with the ambition to reduce wine waste and

enhance drinking pleasures for wine lovers around the world. Its unique

award-winning preservation system expertly seals out oxygen in the air.

When the eto neck is pushed down, the patented design seals wine from the

air, slowing the oxidation process, to keep your wine's full flavour until

ready for another glass."


Banner image 

Please send over a JPEG for a banner image featuring a W&B logo, in the recommended size: 2160 x 1080px.  We recommend lifestyle images featuring your products to depict your brand’s style and identity. 



Capacity of event 

The capacity of your event depends on the store you select and the format of your event, so please discuss with the events team if you require any guidance. 

Generally, the maximum capacity for an event is 50 in NY and LA, and 70 in London. 


Free or ticketed 

We find that free events tend to see a higher number of rsvp’s. However if you are providing a service or a workshop, then charging a small amount for tickets can help to ensure customers are committed to attending the event. 

If you choose to charge, we recommend £10-15, but please discuss this with the events team if you are unsure. 


Bonus Tips



In eventbrite we add tags to events to help put them in front of the right audiences and ensure visibility to local and likeminded audiences. Our events team will add appropriate hashtags to your event for you, but if you have any more suggestions of what to include they are welcome! 

Examples: New York, Fine Jewellery, High Fashion


Additional Images and Video 

There is the option to link video content to the page. So, if you have any great content from youtube or vimeo, please feel free to share and the team will review it.

You can also add up to three more images to the page, so please share any you feel would be a good fit for the team to approve.


Things to note:

  • The team may make some tweaks to content to make it suitable for our audience
  • Events are not 100% confirmed until the page is live 
  • Your event page will be linked to your Wolf and Badger page, so it is important that your designer profile is complete and up to date
  • You will also need to provide the team with details of the equipment you will provide and equipment W&B will provide for you (this is not for the eventbrite page but required to book in your event).

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