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Happy Worker Assessment Methodology

One of the key goals we are working towards in our 2030 Roadmap, is ensuring that all people involved in making products sold on Wolf & Badger are paid a living wage.

To achieve this, we have increased our monitoring and resources for our Happy Worker guarantee. 

To facilitate the assessment process, we are internally ranking brands with a traffic light system. This allows us to identify brands who are at risk of human rights non-compliance, and help support improving conditions in their supply chains. 

Happy Worker assessment methodology: 

Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 13.06.23

Green: Minimal risk of human rights non-compliance

  • In-house production (no outsourcing, brand is responsible directly for any non-compliance)
  • Manufacturers in low-risk countries
  • Manufacturers in high-risk countries but have strong due diligence policies, pay a living wage, can evidence no failings on ETI base code

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Orange: Due Diligence is conducted but there is some level of human rights non-compliance

  • The brand manufactures in high-risk country(s) but has:
    • Audit with failings against ETI base code
    • Satisfactory due diligence questionnaire answers but the brand cannot 100% evidence no non-compliance

Screenshot 2024-03-18 at 13.06.37
Red: No Due Diligence conducted and risk of human rights non-compliance

  • High-risk factory manufacturers (50+ workers) who do not have an audit
  • Unsatisfactory questionnaire responses, the brand has not considered due diligence when onboarding with the supplier.

Note: The criteria must apply to all manufacturers. For example, if a brand has two manufacturers one green and one red their overall rating will be at the lowest factory ranking, in this case red.

How are we using this data?

We are working on offering additional resources and monitoring for brands marked as ‘red’ to foster collaboration with suppliers to improve working conditions, excessive overtime, and weak due diligence processes.

We will monitor the reduction in ‘red’ brands and those brands that are not demonstrating improvement or taking on additional support could be at risk of membership termination.