Common questions regarding shipping processes with DHL and UPS labels

I booked a collection but DHL haven’t turned up - what do I do?

Please double check that you have organised a booking successfully under orders and ‘book/view DHL collection’. 

Unfortunately DHL can only give an estimated collection window. If they do not turn up in that time, you will need to contact DHL directly to organise a new collection (UK brands- 0844 248 0844). If you are based outside of the UK, please call your local DHL number.

The dashboard won’t let me book a DHL pick up, what can I do?

If you’re having trouble booking a DHL pick up time in a non-GMT time zone, please try booking your pickup in the equivalent GMT time. If you continue to experience difficulties, you may call DHL directly to arrange for a pick up or drop off your package at your nearest service point.

DHL asks for an account number, where can I find this?

The account number is on page 2 of the DHL Waybill. However, DHL shouldn't usually require this number. If you have a more specific issue you’d like to discuss with us please email

I am sending more than one item, do I need more than one label?

You will receive one label per order number and the total weight will be calculated depending on how many products have been ordered.

I don’t want to book a collection, can I drop my orders off?

Yes. To find your nearest DHL service point, please follow this link. To find your nearest UPS drop off location, please follow this link.  At this time, all packages shipped through UPS must be dropped off at a service location. 

Why is DHL not accepting the commercial invoice?

We provide all the paperwork that you need to ship your order. Your commercial invoice may not be accepted if it has not been signed. 

If you are still having trouble, please contact us here.

What do I do with the commercial invoice?

The commercial invoice needs to be printed and attached to the outside of the parcel along with the shipping label.

If I have multiple orders, do I need to book a collection for each one?

No. You only need to organise one collection and DHL will scan any packages with labels.

Can I change my pick up address for DHL collections?

The pick up address is automatically set as your order fulfillment address on your dashboard. At the moment we are unable to have different pickup and order fulfillment addresses. Please contact if you have any further issues.

The weights aren’t correct, do I need to contact DHL or will they reweigh?

DHL reweighs and measures each package when they process the shipment so you don't need to worry. However, please try and be as accurate as possible when adding the dimensions and weights. 

I have marked the order as shipped but am now unable to book a collection.

Only mark the order as shipped AFTER the order has been collected. If you accidentally mark it as shipped without booking the collection, you will need to call DHL and book another collection. You can contact DHL (UK) on (0844 248 0844). If you are based outside of the UK, please call your local DHL number.

I’ve booked a DHL pick up, do I get a reference/confirmation number?

Go to orders and click 'BOOK/VIEW DHL COLLECTION' to confirm a booking has been made. Your DHL confirmation number will be displayed here as well as the timings of the pick up.

Will I be charged for a DHL label if I do not use it?

Yes, you will be charged once the labels have been downloaded. You will not be charged more than once, even if you have re-printed the labels. If you have any trouble accessing the labels please reach out to our community team.