Why is my product appearing with a higher price on international site?

To provide a seamless shopping experience, we include all duties and taxes in product prices

In order to provide customers with the best possible shopping experience, we include duties, taxes and fees in the product price that is displayed to them. This means that when customers receive their order, they will have no further fees to pay.

In practice, this means that your products will appear with a higher price in some international markets. We have worked closely with our shipping partners to make sure that this price includes all customs, taxes and additional fees that may be charged to the customer or to Wolf & Badger. 

This markup is based on data that relates to how Wolf & Badger has been charged in the past for similar shipments. We are unable to change this on a case by case basis as our algorithm determines the mark-up based on a number of factors, such as: shipment origin, destination, currency exchange, the destination country’s latest customs, tax laws, etc.

Even if taxes and duties are not applicable, Wolf & Badger incurs fees when shipping abroad, and our algorithm adjusts the price of the product based on data from similar shipments in the past.