What marketing material can I submit to be featured on W&B channels?

Our marketing team has prepared a handy checklist for you to take a look and understand what we need from you for marketing features

All submissions are subject to editorial approval. All imagery used on W&B must be covered by global ecommerce rights. 


☑️ Diverse models: We like to see a range of body shapes, sizes, races, ages, and other physical characteristics that are conventionally under-represented. Our audience is global and like to see themselves represented in the imagery we use.

☑️ Older models: We have a significant audience above 35 years old, so we like using images with older models, who are not adequately represented elsewhere.

☑️ Professionally taken photographs that show off the product beautifully, whether it be in a studio or a natural setting.

☑️ Good lighting with light, dark and natural backgrounds. Remember, plain white backgrounds of lifestyle imagery DON’T work well on our website.

☑️ If you make your products in an atelier or workshop, then please try to include photos and videos of the product being made, and the person making it (with their consent). Customers also love to see transparency and learn more about how the products are made, making the storytelling more authentic. We'll be releasing more on our Transparency Tuesdays guidelines shortly.

✖️ Do NOT send runway photos or behind the scenes of photoshoots

☑️ Do send us lifestyle and campaign imagery AND flat lays


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These need to be submitted into Dropbox. Refresh yourself here with a video tutorial of how to submit assets. Please ensure that each of these is fulfilled:

☑️  High-res: Above 1500 x 1500 pixels and as high res as possible.

☑️  A variety of formats: Portrait, Landscape and Square. The more formats you send, the more channels you are likely to be featured on.

☑️  Photos of ALL products that are in stock on the website.

☑️  Only photos of what is in stock — nothing more or less. 

✖️ NO brand logos on photos or videos. 

Please note: we will not accept submissions that do not follow the correct format, outlined below and in this video.

Upload lifestyle, campaign and product imagery in 1 SINGLE folder titled with your BRANDNAME and DATE ONLY in JPEG format. Only upload images of items we will be selling. 


Include this information in JUST 1 DOCUMENT with photos/videos in the format mentioned above. 

Please remember, the more information we have about your brand, the more likely we are to feature your brand and talk about it in detail across our organic marketing channels. 

  • Where your brand is based
  • Where you produce your products
  • Information about the founder
  • The inspiration for why your brand exists and for your collections
  • Any significant sustainability credentials. These claims need to be backed up with certifications you have obtained. If it’s recycled and you have a certification, then mention this. If it’s an upcycled product, then describe what it’s upcycled from and give insight into your process. Be as detailed as you can be.
  • How you make your products. If it’s an artisanal product, then describe the processes, such as metal-smithing or enamel painting. You can also include information on how much time it takes to make a product or any special touches you add to each product you make. Be as detailed and informative/educative as you can be.
  • Anything unique about your brand or your products. This could be features, materials or the artisanal techniques used, or donations made from every sale. 
  • Celebrities who’ve worn your brand

See how to send your content here