Which sustainability guarantees do I qualify for?

You will be allocated guarantees based upon your answers to a set of questions on the dashboard. Please answer all of the questions carefully and truthfully, as you will need to provide supporting evidence for the guarantees you choose. You will need to provide supporting evidence for the guarantees you choose.

We will be undertaking spot-checks once the icons are live on the website, as well as asking every single brand for supporting evidence. If we find that a brand has given false information they may be suspended from the website.

For example, if you use leather in ANY part of your collection, you cannot claim that your collection is vegan.

You can find the questions on your dashboard, within the section entitled "Edit Profile." Click on "Edit Profile," within this section there is a heading entitled "Sustainability Guarantees." Click on this and then answer the questions. 

The guarantees have been ambitiously created and we do not expect brands to attain more than one or two guarantees. Do not worry if you do not qualify for any of the guarantees. We communicate clearly within our CSR Policy that all of our brands are independent and that we do not stock fur, farmed feathers, or byproducts from endangered species, among other things.

Our customers trust that any brands that we select, regardless of whether or not a brand has a guarantee, fit our ethical criteria. We will add more icons if we find that one area of ethical or sustainable practice has been overlooked.